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Misusing medications for recreational purposes has become a common and frightening trend. Prescription drug abuse is right behind alcohol with between 2 and 7 million people using prescription drugs for recreational purposes. Whether use begins with a progression of street drugs or if it begins as a prescription for pain, continued use of these powerful drugs will cause a chemical dependency which is the benchmark of addiction. Millions will suffer from prescription drug addiction this year.

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Mental and Physical Addiction

Addiction has both a mental and a physical component. An individual consumes drugs initially to enjoy the effects. As time goes on, using drugs eventually develops into a physical dependence. As the physical dependence progresses in continued drug use, the brain undergoes chemical and physiological changes (the mental component).

The brain continues to change as the addiction progresses, it feeds the addiction, making the substance abuser more vulnerable to continuing to use. A cycle between the mental and physical develops, creating a circle of addiction difficult to break.

For instance, the cognitive-behavioral therapy modality is a specific psychotherapeutic modality that focuses on challenging negative thought patterns the person may be having about themselves and the world around them. This particular modality is very successful in treating mood disorders and helping to alter poor behavior patterns.

The Goal of Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment

Addicts who abuse a prescription drugs know pretty early on that they are addicted. Their body challenges them several times a day with withdrawal symptoms. Common withdrawal symptoms are similar to a severe flu, including fevers, sweating, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, and muscle weakness.

The goal of drug treatment is to help addicts and their families accept their current situation and take steps to actively improve their lives. It is important for not only the addict to seek treatment, but for their families, as well. This will prevent any enabling behaviors and create a stronger support network for the addict when they return from treatment.

Treatment Options for Prescription Drug Addiction

To overcome an addiction, patients will need the support of a supervised drug detoxification program. Having a medical detox over the standard 12 Step "cold turkey" approach creates a more successful outcome. This method of detox allows patients to safely get through withdrawal without the risk of injury, organ failure, or relapse.

Next, patients are encouraged to enter into a full-time residential treatment program. Held in sober facilities, these programs immerse addicts in various therapies. For 30 to 90 days, patients are taught various coping mechanisms to work through negative emotions and cravings for the drugs they were abusing. Therapy can also help addicts improve their self-esteem, plan their new life with sobriety in mind, and teach them to communicate in healthy ways.

Finally, relapse prevention programs allow addicts to stay connected to the recovery community. The sense of support and well-being can help keep former patients vigilant and confident that they have somewhere to turn for help if they need it. Families can join therapy sessions that are geared towards caring for and supporting addicts after treatment. This can improve the overall quality of the support system that will keep former patients from relapsing.

Seeking Treatment for Prescription Drug Addiction

For prescription drug addicts, the biggest obstacles to seeking treatment are usually money and fear of withdrawal. If you are concerned about these things, help is available. If you have questions regarding treatment, call drug rehab Columbia SC at (877) 804-1531 today. They can be your ticket out of the destructive lifestyle you are suffering through and help locate treatment centers.

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