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Alcoholism is when someone has become addicted to alcohol. Alcoholism treatment is important for successful recovery. There are many different types of alcoholism treatment options. The goal of alcoholism treatment is to help the person get through the early stages of withdrawal while providing the necessary counseling and support for successful recovery.

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History of Alcoholism

There is evidence that ingredients used make alcohol, such as fermented grains, existed in the early Egyptian civilization. In the mid-18th century, cheap spirits were widely available and very popular in Britain. In the early 19th century, the attitude towards drinking changed as people began to realize its dangers. Although unsuccessful, there was a push for total prohibition of alcohol in the 1920's in the US.

Alcoholism: Abuse vs. Addiction

The main difference between substance abuse and addiction is that someone who abuses alcohol still has some control over how much and when they drink. A person who is addicted to drinking will have an increase tolerance and cannot say no to drinking, even if they want to stop. Over time, substance abuse can lead to addiction.

Alcohol abuse is characterized by a strong desire or need to drink. It may include temporary blackouts or memory loss. There may be heavy alcohol binge drinking episodes followed by periods of not drinking. The person might participate in dangerous activities while drinking, such as drinking and driving.

Alcoholism is characterized by the inability to limit the amount of alcohol that one drinks. The person often feels a strong need to drink, at times to keep withdrawal symptoms at bay. Other signs include losing interest in activities and hobbies and struggling with legal or financial problems related to drinking.

Symptoms of Alcoholism

There are a number of symptoms that an alcoholic will experience. These symptoms indicate that a person can no longer control their drinking and that they need to seek treatment.

  • Craving - someone struggling with alcoholism will have strong cravings. This person may have developed a routine of drinking at a certain time and can become irritable when alcohol is not available at that time or when this routine gets interrupted.
  • Loss of control - someone suffering from alcoholism cannot control when they drink or the amount that they drink.
  • Physical dependence - heavy drinking can lead to physical dependence. When this occurs, withdrawal symptoms such as shaking, sweating, nausea are common when the person tries to stop drinking.
  • Tolerance - needing to drink the same amount of alcohol to achieve the same effects is one symptom of alcoholism.

Alcoholism Treatment

An intervention can be helpful for getting someone suffering from alcoholism into recovery. One of the most common methods is direct intervention, where concerned friends and family members sit down with the person and explain why the addict should get help.

The goal of alcohol detox is to suddenly rid the body of alcohol. Because this can result in serious side effects, it is often done under the supervision of a medical professional.

Treatments include:

  • Programs - options include inpatient and outpatient programs. Those with more severe addictions often need to stay in inpatient programs, while mild to moderate addictions may be monitored through outpatient programs.
  • Therapy - counseling, individual and group therapy sessions, and specific types of therapy, such as cognitive behavioral therapy, are often used to treat alcoholism.

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