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Drug treatment helps a person who is addicted to drugs and other substances. Drug treatment centers administer medications and therapies to help a person safely withdraw from drugs and continue a sober life. Drug treatment centers also treat co-existing mental health disorders of the abuser (dual diagnosis). Drug treatment centers also offer aftercare services to help people maintain sobriety.

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Identifying a Drug Addiction

People who abuse drugs need drug treatment centers. Signs a person is abusing drugs include:

  • Continues to use drugs despite the harmful and negative effects.
  • Cannot stop using drugs, even if the desire to do so is present.
  • Feels withdrawal symptoms if they try to decrease or stop drugs.
  • Needs more of the substance to gain the same effects.
  • Uses isolation and deception to hide drug use.
  • Physical appearance and health are deteriorating.
  • Lies, steals and cheats to obtain drugs.
  • Socializes mainly with people who use or sell drugs.
  • Isolates from loved ones to use drugs without interference.

It is common for a drug abuser to be in denial that they have a serious problem and need treatment. Intervention is a useful tool where a group of concerned friends and family meet and confront the drug abuser. They detail the reality of drug abuse by outlining the negative consequences of the abuser's behavior. The group urges the abuser to enter treatment. Interventions are a useful tool in convincing abusers to get help. Professional interventionists are available to help the group coordinate.

Types of Drug Treatment Centers Programs

Choosing effective drug treatment options is important for gaining and maintaining sobriety. Let's detail the three major types.

  • Inpatient treatment usually refers to a short-term medical detoxification. This type of treatment lasts a few days to about a week. A medical detox is not going to maintain sobriety. After detox, for continued sobriety, drug treatment is needed.
  • Outpatient treatment is drug treatment but the individual doesn't reside at the facility. Outpatient treatment is best conducted as aftercare services, after the individual has completed a residential treatment program.
  • Residential treatment programs have the individual reside at the center during treatment. This is the most effective option as initially, psychological drug cravings and resistance to remaining sober will be at a high point. Residential treatment allows for monitoring around the clock with medications and therapies instantly administered to relieve any anxiety and agitation.

Long term, residential treatment is a daily schedule of therapies and medications to stabilize a person. This increases the odds of maintaining sobriety without relapsing. Aftercare services help the transition from residential treatment to outside living with outpatient rehab.

Choosing a Treatment Center

Whether prescription or street drugs, the same treatment plan of a medical detox, counseling and therapies as well as aftercare recovery programs are necessary for treatment to succeed.

Here are questions to ask a treatment center, to make an informed choice:

  • What type of accreditation or licensing does the treatment center and staff have?
  • What are the effectiveness rates of the treatment methods used?
  • What is the patient-to-counselor ratio?
  • Is medical detoxification offered as a part of residential treatment?
  • Does the program offer an individualized treatment program?
  • Does the program address a full range of needs to help the individual including medical, psychological, spiritual, social, and health issues?
  • What type of help is available for families?
  • Are there relapse prevention programs after leaving the treatment center?

A reputable treatment center will be happy to answer any and all questions.

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